About Us

Hi! We’re Rachel & Jason. We’re two city-dwelling, apartment-renting, co-parenting, takeout-eating youngish professionals who have merged lives and as a result, found ourselves buried in our own possessions.

Between inheriting heirlooms from beloved family members, pushing too many caffeine-fueled IKEA weekends, and enjoying the occasional impulse purchase at our nearby summer street markets, we’ve looked around and realized we need to rethink our approach to “stuff.”

giphy (2) 2.gif
Our kitchen circa May 2017

One way we’re doing that is by trying to “express more and possess less.” Or as Jason puts it, to create more and consume less, especially with regards to things we can appreciate by sharing instead of storing. This includes books, art, crafts, appliances and even furniture.

Join us, your favorite recovering materialists as we set out to sell or get rid of one of our possessions each week for one year, in a quest to:

  1. increase living space in our home
  2. make a little money along the way
  3. meet some new people in the process.

We’ll be sharing which items we’re shedding weekly, along with the details of how we get it out the door against the clock. The rules? No matter what, the item has to go by the end of the week. Our goal is for this to cost us nothing, and to avoid trashing anything.

Check in daily to learn what we’ll discover as we let go of 52 possessions over the course of a year, how much coin we can expect to pocket, and what possibilities open up for those of us looking to lighten up our lives with less stuff.

Have you tried to let go of large amounts of stuff before? How did you do it? Did you make money in the process, or did it cost you? Let us know in the comments!